Child Marriage

Stopping Child Marriage: Case 1

  • Shakti Vardhini

During regular community meeting one of the social mobilisors of Shaktivrdhini found out that Raj Kumar Sharma of Nirpur village in Amouna panchayat was going to marry off his 14 year old daughter to a 40 year old man.

Mr Sharma shared that the fear that his daughter might run away with someone and hamper the family prestige forced him to marry off his daughter early.

After a series of talks with the girl’s family it was found that the groom’s family also paid certain amount to them. The marriage was stopped after intensive efforts of Shaktivardhini team who on one hand motivated the girl’s family for postponing marriage while on the other involved PRIs and local governance in the process.

Stopping Child Marriage: Case 2

  • Shakti Vardhini

During conversation with Mr. Ramji Rajak, Shaktivardhini social mobilisor found that Ramji was marrying off his 13 year old daughter to a 39 year old man from Nepal.

Mr. Rajak had also previously solemnized his elder daughter’s marriage to a 39 year Nepali man in 2014. On enquiring about the reason for early marriage of his daughters Mr. Rajak shared poverty as the major reason.

He shared that the groom’s family gave him some money as compensation. Due to rigorous efforts of Shktivardhini team the child marriage was stopped.

Stopping Child Marriage: Case 3

  • Shakti Vardhini

Prevented the marriage of a 12 year old daughter of Razia devi and Budhan Risidev of Musahaar community from Usari village of Kushmaha Panchayat.

Her marriage was being solemnized to a 28 year old man from the neighboring village. The bride’s family shared monetary reasons for the marriage.