Human Trafficking

Case 1: Lakshmi Kumari - Unregistered

  • Shakti Vardhini

‘Lakshmi’ from Amhara Panchayat, Forbesganj, Araria went missing at the age of 9 while she was on her way back from collecting graze with her grandmother.

After searching for Lakshmi for a while she decided to file a police complaint about her missing grand-daughter. She with the help of a local villager.

The villager asked the grandmother for some money to meet the expenses in the preparation of required documents for filing the complaint. She gave INR 300/-for the same but the case remains un-registered.

Case 2 – Suraj Kumar - Registered

  • Shakti Vardhini

Suraj went missing at the age of 10 on 15th March 2016 while he was playing with his friends.

His mother searched for him and then decided to file his missing complaint to the police. Till date no further information on the case has been found.

Case 3- Dinesh rishidev S/o Dukharishidev

  • Shakti Vardhini

Dinesh went missing 12 years ago at the age of 14. He worked as labor in big wholesale vegetable market in Haryana.

When he returned to his village after a year, he met a mate, also his neighbor. He offered work to Dinesh at twice the rate Dinesh earned. Dinesh agreed and went with his neighbor to Haryana.

Two months later the neighbor called Dinesh’s family and informed them that Dinesh had run from Haryana and he is not aware about his where about. Dinesh’s father filed a police complaint against the neighbour. However the neighbor denied all the allegations and complained against Dinesh’s family for filing false complain. It has been 12 years, Dinesh’s family remains helpless and no trace of Dinesh has been found till date.